SM Learning University

Congratulations on your acceptance to Selective Mutism Learning University!

Selective Mutism Learning University is the free web course designed by the Selective Mutism team at Kurtz Psychology Consulting PC to equip parents, caregivers, teachers, therapists and all concerned professionals with the skills needed to help children with selective mutism (SM) to overcome their barriers to full participation! This e-Learning course teaches the same skills used by the counselors and staff profiled in the recent NY Times article about Dr. Kurtz’s intensive camp program for SM.

Just click on the link ~ Selective Mutism Learning University ~ and you will be on your way to new or improved skills. The course has gone through extensive testing and we were proud to present our findings on the beta testing at this year’s SMG Conference. We tremendously value the feedback given to us by the many people who took the site for a “test drive” and already have been busy making changes to the site based on their suggestions.  We also welcome your suggestions as you use the site. Feel free to email us at with your ideas.

We truly hope you find this a useful resource and welcome your sharing it with others.


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